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Quotryx Rapid AI Assessment Approach

Quotryx has developed an assessment approach to review an organization and develop an implementation path to support the successful use of AI, one that maximizes benefits and reduces risks. Quotryx takes the organization through four stages of the assessment - the first step establishes the cost goals and time goals of the assessment.

Step 1:

Set-up SOW, Identify stakeholders, applications and processes in scope. Confirm initial budget-box and time-box.

Step 2:

Stakeholders are interviewed on all four streams. This produces an assessment of the organization's current state.

Step 3:

Results of interviews and investigation are analyzed. Conclusions, recommendations and next steps socialized with key leads.

Step 4:

Recommendations for the organization's go-forward plan for AI are shared. Project concluded.

CMMAI (Capability Maturity Model)

Quotryx has developed these CMMAI levels based on established industry definitions for CMM. The levels are:

Level 1: Initial

Use of AI is occurring. Outcomes and progress are not predictable. AI services may not meet the objectives desired due to the inherent problems in AI development.

Level 2: Managed

Process for AI development is described but often reactive. Time and costs are higher, and output may not be optimal. Sub-processes such as data management may not be aligned with best practices.

Level 3: Defined

Processes are well defined and are proactive rather than responsive. Sub-processes are known and optimal for supporting AI development.

Level 4: Quantitatively Managed

Processes flex and respond to increases and decreases in activity. Process is proactive and able to meet increased needs due to awareness of management and supporting processes in place providing scalability.

Level 5: Optimized

AI and analytics are used to identify changes needed in real-time. Processes can shift automatically to meet needs.

Four Streams of Activity

The assessment focuses on the four streams of activity in an organization needed for the successful use of AI. The go-forward path delivered at the end will present the changes needed within these four streams to enable AI.


Structure, Processes, Rules

Governance is providing the rules and decision structure and process. It identifies the roles and associates the responsibilities within a RACI matrix. Governance is also monitoring and working to assure rules are followed, benefits achieved and risks managed.


People, Processes, Tools

Architecture is the selection of the tool-set for analytics and AI. Architecture is also linked with Data management, what data you have and how that is managed is connected to the tool options you have for employing analytics and AI.

Data Management
People, Processes, Tools

Data Management starts with the applications currently used and how that data is managed throughout its life-cycle. Quotryx advocates for a medallion data architecture with an integrated tool-set to enable Analytics and AI.

Applications DevOps
People, Processes, Tools

Application DevOps is where the organization follows the rules and uses the tools and data to provide the knowledge and understandings to support the organization's objectives and knowledge needs.

Let Quotryx Help You

Quotryx understands AI, how to maximize benefits and reduce and manage risks. Key is implementing an ethical framework within a managed governance process. Enabling the three streams of Architecture, Data Management and Application DevOps which will deliver the use of AI as directed by the governance structure is how to achieve success.


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